It’s like a cosy blanket: snuggle down with Walter Klose’s casserole and a Merlot from Ticino which wine expert Britta Wiegelmann opens as an accompaniment.

To my mind, the perfect Sunday meal should meet three criteria. It must practically cook itself. It should take long enough on the hob or in the oven to keep me captive on the sofa with a book the whole afternoon. And as well as making a delicious Sunday dinner, it should also produce enough leftovers for the next day. Walter Klose’s incredibly tender veal cheeks with black salsify and Brussels sprout leaves ticks all of these boxes. Slowly braised at a low heat for three hours until soft, they practically melt in the mouth. To accompany this, you need a wine that is just as delicate on the palate. My favourite: a Merlot from Ticino. Velvety and soft, it envelops the veal cheeks and often possesses an enchanting fruity sweetness and an earthy note which go beautifully with the black salsify. A feel-good wine to go with a feel-good meal!

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