Andreas Caminada poaches eggs, while wine expert Britta Wiegelmann pops open champagne as an accompaniment. Could it get any better?

Eggs and wine? That’s not usually a match made in heaven. Eggs are notoriously hard to pair with wine, particularly if soft-cooked – in other words, scrambled, poached, fried or as eggs Benedict. The yolk clings to the palate, leaving hardly anywhere for the wine to make its way through. Most wines then appear thin and harsh. There is only one that is the perfect match: champagne. There are two elements that make it the perfect accompaniment to eggs: its powerful acidity that refreshes the palate, and the sparkling bubbles that cleanse the palate after each forkful of egg. And what could be a more sophisticated accompaniment to the poached eggs by Swiss star chef Andreas Caminada? An added bonus: the eggs are served with brown butter and that goes perfectly with the yeasty aromas of the champagne. For an even more refined accompaniment, select a vintage champagne. These wines are only produced during the best years. An elegant starter at a Christmas celebration or a sublime surprise at a New Year’s brunch.

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