Could it be any more sophisticated? To accompany Franck Giovannini’s creamy royale with truffle sauce, wine expert Britta Wiegelmann pops open a mature champagne.

If you are a regular follower of my wine recommendations, you will know my motto: champagne is a solution to everything! And here’s another great example – Franck Giovannini’s royale légère de poireaux aux truffes noires, an incredibly light and creamy royale with leek which the chef refines with a creamy sauce featuring finely chopped black truffles. There are two reasons why champagne is the right choice to go with this. Firstly, there is no better accompaniment to egg-based dishes. Owing to their texture, they are actually regarded as being awkward to pair with any wine. But an elegant sparkling champagne gently cleanses the creamy egg from the palate. Secondly: truffles. Their earthy aroma harmonizes fantastically with the woody flavours of a mature champagne. Extra tip: to accompany the luxury truffles, treat yourself to an equally luxurious glass of fizz – a vintage champagne. “Vintage” refers to wines that are made only from the best years’ harvests and are left to age for a particularly long time in cellars before finding their way to wine connoisseurs. It’ll be a revelation.

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