It’s party time! Silvio Germann has come up with the snacks and wine expert Britta Wiegelmann the spirits.

At the risk of already getting you tipsy with the aperitif: gin is the right accompaniment to Silvio Germann’s tasty treats. The fashionable drink is popularly served in bars and at parties, which doesn’t do justice to the fact that it also goes superbly with meals, thanks to its refreshing plant extracts and distinctive spices such as juniper berries and coriander seeds. Gin goes particularly well with anything hot, spicy or deep-fried. In other words, it’s the perfect accompaniment to seasoned crisps with coriander, cumin and long pepper, as well as pommes soufflées fried in oil. And the tonic macarons? These are a welcome excuse for anyone who enjoys their gin neat and not with tonic – who needs more tonic when it’s already in the macarons?

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