Juicy meat and a juicy red: to accompany Anton Schmaus’ wagyu flat iron, wine expert Britta Wiegelmann serves Beaujolais.

Beaujolais is one of my very favourite wines. Wait a minute, you’re probably thinking: are wine experts allowed to say that?! Yes, because I don’t mean Beaujolais Nouveau, which hysterical Japanese people bathe in every year on the third Thursday in November (I’m not making it up – if you don’t believe me, look on YouTube), but the serious version: from the Beaujolais crus such as Morgon, Fleurie or Moulin-à-Vent. And what is it I love about those wines? They pair finesse with concentration and complexity with unashamed joy, and it’s hard to find a more diverse accompaniment to meals. A Beaujolais Cru is therefore a perfect match for Anton Schmaus’ wagyu flat iron. With its bright acidity, the wine holds its own against the rich wagyu. And because it only has a small amount of tannins, it has no fear of the sauce ravigote served with the meat which features herbs, vinegar, shallots and capers. A brilliant pairing.

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