Wine expert Britta Wiegelmann’s monthly recommendation. Today: Marcel Skibba’s sweet Easter eggs – paired with stout.

We all know the drill: Easter Sunday = holiday = springtime. What better way to start the day than treat yourself to a chocolate egg? And another one. Then a copious Easter brunch. Surely, you can’t eat any more. Another chocolate egg? Oh, go on then. The afternoon progresses … coffee with friends … more chocolate? Why not? Marcel Skibba’s caramel egg surprise are a sugary, creamy, crispy treat to savour. Resistance is futile. But by the end of the day you’ll only be longing for one thing: a nice cool beer. The good news is that caramel pairs wonderfully with dark beer. Stout is a particularly good choice on account of its malty, caramelly, creamy notes. It may sound left-field, but try it. Crack open a Guinness before you eat the last egg. You won’t regret it.

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