Magdalena Kitchen Party: 200 guests and one food truck

Excellence meets Jan Hartwig

Excellence meets Marcel Skibba

Excellence meets Anton Schmaus

Review: Lifestyle by V-ZUG 2021

En route to a signature style

An astonishing success story

Excellence meets Daniel Zeindlhofer

Excellence meets Andreas Caminada

Lunch surprise for the 10th anniversary

Excellence meets Franck Giovannini

Excellence meets Silvio Germann

Excellence meets Markus Arnold

Food provides moments of bliss

Excellence meets Tanja Grandits

Excellence meets Walter Klose

Excellence meets Fabian Fuchs

Review: recharging batteries

Review: culinary flights of fancy

Review: Lifestyle by V-ZUG 2020

Passion meets perfection – Franck Giovannini

Passion meets perfection – Tanja Grandits

Passion meets perfection – Walter Klose

Passion meets perfection – Fabian Fuchs

Passion meets perfection – Andreas Caminada

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners: Sandra Stöckli and Andreas Caminada. Part 2

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners: Sandra Stöckli and Andreas Caminada. Part 1

GaultMillau POP of the Year 2021

Joe Schofield in the interview

Passion meets perfection – Markus Arnold

Passion meets perfection – Silvio Germann

Passion meets perfection – Anton Schmaus

Passion meets perfection – Jan Hartwig

Passion meets perfection – Marcel Skibba

Joe Schofield – a breath of fresh air on the cocktail scene

Michelin Star Revelation – New stars in the culinary skies

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners: EVZ and our Ambassadors – Part 3

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners: EVZ and our Ambassadors – Part 2

Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners: EVZ and our Ambassadors – Part 1

Jan Hartwig in the interview

Ryan Clift in the interview

Markus Arnold in the Interview

Franck Giovannini in the Interview

Review: Lifestyle by V-ZUG 2019

Review: a festive mood on the move

Kids Cooking: ready, set, bake!

Cooking with Andreas Caminada: Red wine sour cream baked apple

Cooking with Marcel Skibba: Pot au feu

Cooking with Walter Klose: Crispy herb coated sweetbreads

Cooking with Anton Schmaus: Halibut

Cooking with Markus Arnold: Fresh Rolls

Cooking with Franck Giovannini: Leek flan with black truffles

Cooking with Fabian Fuchs: Alpine salmon

Cooking with Tanja Grandits: Scallop ceviche

Cooking with Silvio Germann: Seasoned crisps

Cooking with Silvio Germann: Tonic macarons

Cooking with Silvio Germann: Pommes soufflées

Tanja Grandits: Chef of the Year and 19 GaultMillau points

Fabian Fuchs in the Interview

Visiting Jan Hartwig – Bayerischer Hof

3-star chef Jan Hartwig new ambassador for V-ZUG in Germany

Anton Schmaus in the Interview

Walter Klose in the Interview

Tanja Grandits in the Interview

Silvio Germann in the Interview

Andreas Caminada in the Interview

Gault Millau: Red Cabbage

Gault Millau: Lentil Curry

Gault Millau: Leekquiche

4th Advent prize draw

Review Lifestyle 2018

3rd Advent prize draw

2nd Advent prize draw

1st Advent prize draw

GaultMillau: Sea buckthorn fruit jellies

A visit to the Tippling Club

Franck Giovannini: Making-Of

Visiting Franck Giovannini

V-ZUG Ambassadors: GaultMillau Garden Party 2018

A visit to the Gupf

Monkfish with red cabbage

Gault Millau: Braised rabbit legs

Gault Millau Channel: Melt in the middle chocolate cake

Gault Millau Channel: Trout with carrots

GaultMillau Channel: Crispy battered fish

Tanja Grandits presents art on a plate

GaultMillau Channel: Dumplings

Andreas Caminada: passion crowned by success

10 years of Restaurant Stucki

Making of: Happy Birthday Stucki

Top marks from OAD for our ambassadors Caminada and Giovannini

A visit to the IGNIV Bad Ragaz

Silvio Germann: Making-Of

A visit to the IGNIV St. Moritz

Marcel Skibba: Making-Of

A Visit to the EquiTable

Fabian Fuchs: Making-Of

A visit to the Steinhalle

Markus Arnold: Making-Of

GaultMillau Channel: Truffle slices

V-ZUG signs on the next generation of kitchen talent

GaultMillau Channel: Lemon tartlets

GaultMillau Channel: Mixed Pickels

GaultMillau Channel: little apple pie

GaultMillau Channel: Oeuf Royal

GaultMillau Channel: Panforte

GaultMillau Channel: Focaccia

Review Lifestyle 2017

V-ZUG extends its cooperation with «Chef of the Year 2018»

GaultMillau Channel: Pickled Artichokes


Visiting Tanja Grandits

GaultMillau Channel: Tomato cream

Visiting Andreas Caminada

Gault & Millau Channel: Bake your own Grissini

GaultMillau Channel: Blueberry-Clafoutis

Gault Millau Channel: Second Video

GaultMillau Channel – Andreas Caminada

Interview with Anton Schmaus

Photo gallery: Behind the scenes of Vacuisine

Photo gallery: Food Truck

Photo gallery: Walter Klose

A day at the castle

V-ZUG Original Food Truck

Visit to Anton Schmaus in the restaurant Storstad

Picture Gallery: Storstad Regensburg, Germany

Anton Schmaus: new ambassador for V-ZUG in Germany

Picture Gallery: The potato – Switzerland’s simplest and best basic food

Picture Gallery: ASPARAGUS – the pleasure of anticipation makes it even more special

A voyage of sensory discovery throughout Switzerland: Bubbly baker meets celebrity chefs

S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants – Schloss Schauenstein makes the grade for the fourth time in a row

Colourful, playful and exciting. Enjoy our mix of Kids Cooking pictures.

«Kids Cooking» screenland – A baking afternoon with kids can be a joyous occasion.

The new «Kids Cooking» theme world

V-ZUG presents the new KIDS COOKING theme world at a press conference

New TV commercials from V-ZUG with top chef Andreas Caminada

Interview with Andreas Caminada

The first Caminada magazine reveals secrets for epicures

With Stefan Meier on Lake Zug

Tanja Grandits and her passion for flavours and colours

Insights into the culinary poetry of Tanja Grandits

Mouthwathering moments from the film shoot with Philippe Rochat

Impressions from the filming with Andreas Caminada

Impressions from the filming with Stefan Meier

Find out more about Stefan Meier

Lifestyle by V-ZUG takes a gourmet journey to Italy

Making of: impressions from the filming of the Italian gourmet journey

The making of: entertaining excerpts from filming at Schauenstein Castle

Find out more about Andreas Caminada

The lifestyle magazine “Haute Goûture”

Vacuisine – the revolutionary innovation from V-ZUG

Advertorial with Tanja Grandits

Advertorial with Andreas Caminada

Advertorial with Stefan Meier

Vivacious, informal and full of inspiration

Interview mit Tanja Grandits

With Tanja Grandits, Lifestyle by V-ZUG presents another star in the guild of the best Swiss chefs

World star Cecilia Bartoli and Andreas Caminada conjure up delicious dishes in the Combi-Steam

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