It’s hard to think of anything more satisfying than cooking with herbs. And yet, since they are rarely used up entirely, some of them all too often end up in the bin. Luckily there are a number of different options for easily turning surplus herbs into wonderful cooking aids.

The simplest is to freeze the herbs and then use them in your cooking straight from the freezer. It’s even better if you chop the herbs, mix them with olive oil and freeze them into ice cubes. This way, herbs like basil in particular will preserve more of their freshness. What’s more, herbs can always be used to make a herb butter. Here’s one of the ways that you can do this: Mix 200 g butter (very soft) with finely chopped herbs. Add Lemon juice, pepper and salt to taste and freeze – ideally in portions. Then if, for example, you’re having a barbecue one evening, you’ll always have home-made herb butter ready.

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