Autumn joy: to pair with Marcel Skibba’s pot-au-feu with porcini essence, wine expert Britta Wiegelmann recommends a woody Pinot Noir.

To me, a mature Pinot Noir always tastes like a walk in the woods: a hint of undergrowth, a mossy earthiness, the scent of the forest after the rain, with a freshness and airiness that render it almost ethereal. Overall it has a very autumnal character, making it the perfect accompaniment to Marcel Skibba’s pot-au-feu. This has very similar flavours to the wine: porcini mushrooms reduced to an intense essence with earthy root vegetables such as celery and beetroot. Tip: you simply must choose a mature Pinot Noir. This grape variety needs time to develop. You will find what you’re looking for in the variety’s homeland of Burgundy, but also in Valais or Graubünden – which is also the home of Marcel Skibba’s restaurant IGNIV, located in St Moritz.

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