Andreas Caminada and his passion for detail

Concentration. Focus. Hitting the mark.

Whether it’s in the kitchen or on the golf course – when Andreas Caminada has a passion for something, it always leads to great results. Confident, passionate and precise: these are the qualities that define the top chef and his Caminada brand. He leaves his unique mark on everything he does, whether it’s teeing off on the fairway or creating a new dish. But what gives this charming Graubünden native his energy and his passion for hitting the mark?

“Practice makes perfect!” As cliched as this expression may sound, it’s essentially the right answer. Oh, and a good dose of talent, too. Put them together and this combination of tenacity and talent produces extraordinary results, which in Caminada’s case means that everything which comes out of his kitchen is absolutely first class. Take his soufflé, for example – perfect down to the very last detail and stunning in appearance, texture and taste. And with a handicap of 6.3, Caminada delivers exceptional results on the golf course, too.

Practice and talent are the cornerstones of excellence, and painstaking preparation is what makes perfection possible. Cooking and playing golf are pretty similar in that respect, since preparing well is half the battle. Knowing how to stand correctly, how to hold the club in the perfect position, and being able to draw on lots of experience are what enable you to focus completely at precisely the right moment. It’s exactly the same in the kitchen, where every single component down to the tiniest individual ingredient is meticulously prepared so that the final dish comes together perfectly on the plate. To achieve this perfection, when everything comes together as it should, Caminada harnesses all his passion and ability and focuses it at precisely the right moment.

But as we’ve already said, top results don’t just come out of the blue. They need practice, tenacity and discipline. Andreas Caminada has been cooking for over 25 years, and he’s also been a passionate golfer for over 20 years. He got into it while he was working at a golf resort in Canada, spending three years in Vancouver learning from a professional and pouring his heart and soul into the sport. To counterbalance his strenuous days in the kitchen, every morning he played a relaxed round of golf. That’s why the passionate chef finds playing golf quite a nostalgic pastime that rekindles memories of an intense, exciting period during which he learnt a lot. These memories still sustain him today and help him concentrate on the passion in his work.

Nowadays you’ll only find the successful top chef on the green about 10 times a year – depending on how much time he needs for his numerous project commitments and his family. “My children are my absolute top priority, so I try to spend the small amount of free time I do have with them,” says the doting father of two sons. It’s therefore a particularly happy coincidence for Caminada that both of his boys don’t just like golf, but really love it. Perhaps they’ve inherited his talent?

Although a round of golf takes a good three or four hours and demands full concentration, the dedicated top chef has vowed to spend more time pursuing his passion for the sport – to counterbalance his hectic days in the kitchen. Caminada thinks it’s an advantage that golf is time-consuming: “you have to take time out to play a round of golf, but that’s exactly what you need to do to be able to refocus on other things afterwards. Taking this time for yourself, surrounded by nature and away from everyday life, is really worthwhile.” Whether he’s alone or with his boys, the golf course is Caminada’s sanctuary. The sport gives him energy; it helps him relax and recharge his batteries. And where there’s passion involved, you can be sure the results will hit the mark.

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