Many traditional recipes for rösti say that you should store potatoes for days after cooking them. But Stefan Meier, top chef from the Rathauskeller restaurant in Zug, knows a method that makes preparing rösti much easier. He cooks the potatoes for one and a half hours in the steam cooker at a moderate heat of 75 degrees. This gives them precisely the right consistency for rösti (not completely cooked through). You can grate the potatoes as soon as they have cooled down for a short while. And this is where the second trick comes in: Stefan Meier doesn’t peel the potatoes before preparing them. Not only does this save time, it also gives the dish lots of flavour. Lastly, Meier cooks the rösti in the V-ZUG wok – because it also happens to be the perfect shape for cooking them in. If you don’t have a wok, a non-stick pan will also work. In my experience, the rösti come out much better in most cases when you use a small pan. When you have lots of guests, simply prepare more portions.

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