What goes best with an aromatic dish? More aromas! To accompany Markus Arnold’s fresh rolls, wine expert Britta Wiegelmann recommends a seductive Gewurztraminer.

What a burst of freshness! Markus Arnold’s fresh rolls will really wake up your senses: smoked poussin with avocado cream, harissa ketchup, sesame-seed dressing, cucumber, spring onions and mango, all rolled up together in rice paper with fresh coriander. A wonderful bouquet of aromas calls for a wine that is not afraid of strong flavours. The Gewurztraminer fits the bill nicely. You can recognize this aromatic variety with your eyes closed. It has a fulsome nose of fresh grape, lychee and rose, and often has a slight residual sweetness which pairs well with spicy food. It’s long been known that Gewurztraminer goes well with Asian cuisine. But there is something that many wine connoisseurs aren’t aware of: it also goes astonishingly well with smoked fare. As the wine ages, it even takes on distinctive smoky notes itself. Tip: look across the border – some of the best wines come from Alsace.

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