Have you ever wished you could buy fresh herbs in a bottle? Now you can! Distiller and sensory expert Christine Brugger has captured the aromas of Argentinian mint, coriander and lemon verbena in a bottle. The newly launched essences from her Organic Distillery also include fruits and berries.

Unlike many conventional products used in alcoholic drinks, for example, these essences are made with pure natural ingredients and in line with organic standards. To create her liquid magic, Christine Brugger macerates herbs, fruit peel and berry shrub wood in alcohol and then distils the resulting liquid to produce an aromatic essence. In so doing, she combines her love of wonderful fragrances with a passion for food.

The mandarin essence is a great example. It’s made with an ingredient that isn’t normally eaten: mandarin peel. Brugger explains: «Our fruit merchant gave us a large quantity of organic mandarins. When I peeled them, they released an amazing, almost bewitching scent.» The peels were soon being soaked (macerated) in alcohol before being distilled to produce the essence. The citrusy freshness of this essence is absolutely pure – just a few drops are all that’s needed to add aroma to a salad, for instance. A number of famous chefs are already using this new product. But of course, Organic Distillery essences are also a delightful addition to any home cook’s store cupboard. They’re almost like fresh herbs, but they keep for much longer and are always ready to hand.

Find out more: www.organic-distillery.com

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