• Ingredients for the steamed

  • buns (approx. 12 buns)
  • 45 g butter
  • 165 g milk
  • 21 g organic yeast
  • 360 g flour
  • 35 g sugar
  • 2 g baking powder
  • 2 g bicarbonate of soda

To prepare the steamed buns

Heat the butter and milk to 40 °C and dissolve the yeast in the mixture. Add all of the dry ingredients to a mixing bowl before adding the liquid. Knead into a compact dough using the dough hook. Cover and leave to proof for one hour. Take the dough and roll it out to a thickness of around 6 mm. Cut into circles using the desired ring size and fold in half. Leave to proof for another 30 minutes. Steam at 98 °C for approx. 8‒12 minutes.

  • Ingredients for the beef

  • brisket
  • 500 g centre-cut boned brisket
  • 1.3 l water
  • 90 g salt
  • 60 g sugar

To prepare the beef brisket

For the brine: Bring the water, salt and sugar mixture to the boil and leave to cool overnight. Wash and trim the brisket well. Leave in the salt solution for 7 days, ensuring it is well covered. Remove the meat and dry off thoroughly. Rub with the dried herb mixture. Place in a smoking oven for 5 hours at 58 °C. Then cook sous vide for 48 hours at 56 °C. Set aside the meat juices and reduce. These can then be used later as a sauce for the bun.

  • Ingredients for the herb

  • marinade
  • 5 g juniper
  • 10 g rosemary
  • 20 g salt
  • 20 g cane sugar
  • Lime zest
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed

To prepare the sauerkraut

Salt the water and bring it to the boil before leaving to cool down. Wash the cabbage thoroughly and remove the stalk. Place the cabbage in a fermenting jar and cover with the brine liquid. Add the herbs. Store at room temperature for around 3 weeks. Alternatively, cut the cabbage into stripes and marinate in apple cider vinegar, rapeseed oil, sugar and salt for around 2 hours.

  • Ingredients for the

  • sauerkraut
  • 1 white cabbage
  • 3 l water
  • 90 g salt
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 5 g cumin

To prepare the cucumber

Finely slice the cucumber. Marinate in oil and vinegar and season with salt to taste. Leave to stand for 1 hour.

  • Ingredients for the

  • cucumber
  • 1 cucumber
  • 20 g camelina oil
  • 5 g apple cider vinegar
  • Salt

To prepare the spring onions

Cut the spring onions into fine slices and sprinkle them over the bun raw to serve.

  • Ingredients for the spring

  • onions
  • 2 spring onions


Serve with toasted sesame seeds, onion, fresh herbs and sprouts.

Ingredients for the garnish

  • Sesame seeds, toasted
  • Onion
  • Fresh herbs and sprouts

Cooking method

Preheating requiredSteamed buns, 8-12 minutes | Steam at 98 °CBeef brisket, 5 hours | Smoke at 58 °CBeef brisket, 48 hours | Cook at 56 °C