Tanja by Night

Perfect pancakes

I never end a day without preparing the next day’s breakfast for my daughter, Emma. It is an important ritual, a moment for myself when I can relax in my own kitchen. And it is naturally a token of my affection: no wonder there is a saying that the way to the heart is through the stomach.

I have a little secret when it comes to making the perfect pancakes – at least in my opinion. I use powdered milk and baking powder for my pancake batter and I leave it to rest in the fridge overnight. The result in the pan the next day is a fluffy, firm consistency with an almost creamy centre. There is no scientific evidence to back me up, but I’m convinced that powdered milk and baking powder are the secret.

I cook the pancakes without any fat in a non-stick pan; the batter has a firm consistency and doesn’t immediately run, so that you can also make really small but thick pancakes. I serve them with raspberries or my brown vanilla sugar. To make this, I use dried vanilla pods and mix them as finely as possible with brown sugar in the blender. Emma, however, prefers pancakes with her pseudo-grandmother’s jam. We also sell her creations in our “Stucki” shop: raspberry and passion fruit, cherry, apricot and raspberry jams.

Try this, for example: Whisk together 110 g eggs (approx. 2 eggs) and 240 g milk in a food processor. Add 200 g flour, 12 g baking powder, 20 g powdered milk, 6 g salt and 30 g sugar to this mixture and stir until smooth. Finally, stir in 60 g melted butter. Leave the batter to rest overnight in the fridge and cook the pancakes the next day in a non-stick pan.

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